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about app is part of the installation in Graphic Matters festival. The initial project Demoji is representing critical topics in emojis. Variety of visual symbols that already exist on our phones and social networks allow people to represent certain subjects visually or even construct stories with emojis. However, this widely used communication tool is in the hands of big corporations, with one committee to decide on which emojis will be added to our keyboards. So far these emojis are positive, one-sided, non-critical and mainly relevant for a Western society. This limits us from using this for more critical topics. Therefore, we miss a lot of representations of critical subjects and culture-specific topics that are relevant to our society. ⚪ Current protests around the world show that there are a lot of important topics which are not represented in Emojis. Eventually, could we use this visual language to speak about humanitarian issues, climate change or other subjects for protest or demonstration? ⚪ ⚪ application is part of the installation in Graphic Matters festival by: Mantas Rimkus together with: Willem de Kooning Academy LAVA / LAVA LAB Gianluca Monaco Klasien van de Zandschulp Lucy van Kleef web development: Arnas Stučinskas
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